Everything Will Be OK. The Universe Conspires in Your Favor!
Everything Will Be OK. The Universe Conspires in Your Favor!
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What is a EWBOK?

EWBOK (U-BOK)- Is the Message That Everything Will Be OK.
A Ewbok is the person who delivers the message. 
AKA Ewbokian, a Ewbok-ist, Ewbok-inator.
‘ I knew he was a Ewbok-ist when he took the time to ask my name."
"These Ewbokians really know how to throw a party.’
The physical manifestation of the Ewbok message,
a flower, card, hugs, t-shirt,
magnetic ribbon on the back of your SUV,
is called the EWBOK.
’ have you seen my box of Ewboks ..?”
“‘I declare that boy just won’t stop playing with his Ewbok.’
“We’re going to Need A Bigger EWBOK.”
The action of delivering the Ewbok, in whatever form either ethereal or corporeal, is called Ewboking.
“ I didn’t know what he was doing, but I knew he was harmless when he handed me a card and disappeared into the crowd with a slight smile and ..’ don’t worry, Everything will Be OK…’ Trailing behind
Of course, the person who just received the message has been Ewbok’d.
Ewbok State Line-  The line where the ewboking is happening. 
Making the present good,
the past better,
The Future Story Positive.
After the Ewbokist,
Ewboks someone,
They Become a Ewbokie,
part of the Ewbok Nation.
if the Ewbokie,
the newbie Ewbokian,
decides to Ewbok someone else
just have a little faith that Everything will be OK,
They will be Living the Ewbok Life,
The Life of Ewbok.